first set of farming photos

3 Feb

Just like my wellness odyssey, my creative project has taken on a life of its own.

This time of year is pretty barren in the fields. I connected with many local farmers and agricultural folks, and spent the last week visiting with the first people on my list. My goal is to help people reconnect with food through art. Yet, as I explored the austere landscapes of winter agriculture, I was inspired most by the textures and artificial geometry I saw around me. Here are a few of the images I’ve thus far created…

freshly-planted onion fields

a field of overwintered onion starts

ranch bull in new mexico

ethically-raised beef cattle in Dona Ana

ethically-raised chickens

ethically-raised chickens at Dixie Chickens in Mesilla

I learned long ago that it is wise to allow art to blaze its own natural path. If you begin a project with a set outcome in mind, what you produce is rigid, lifeless. So keep my eyes open and my shutter clicking while engaging with the world of food production.

In the coming months I will be helping to slaughter chickens, visiting an ethical cattle ranch, a meat processor, a dairy, industrial farms, a CSA, organic farms, and whoever else I can convince to interact with me. Stay tuned!


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