next installment of agriculture photos

14 Feb

dairy cattle ranchI’ve been a busy bee. Not only am I discovering a lot about food and its production for my own benefit, but I’m working on a related fine art photography project for a class I’m taking, also. Hence, all the artsy B&W photos.

I spend a lot of time driving through the agricultural lands here; Hwy 28, Hatch, Dona Ana, Anthony, and all throughout the Mesilla Valley. What I see is a mixture of hard physical labor, neglected infrastructure, migrant workers, secluded mansions, and a struggle between modernity, urbanization, and authentic living. One thing I know for sure: our food producers are most certainly under-appreciated.

Here are some of the most recent photos from my adventures in farmland:

meat chickens ethically-raised

A chick from the new batch of "meat birds", ethically raised by Dixie Chickens in Mesilla according to Salatin's model.

worker pecan orchard

A worker in pecan country.

dilapidated building

Memories, forgotten and remembered.

cattle ranching

Pastured cattle in Mesilla.

dairy cattle in Anthony

The sad reality for dairy cattle in Anthony.

dairy farming

Doesn't this just make you want a big glass of milk? YUCK.


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