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Welcome to This American Diet!

I have embarked on a wellness odyssey. Having acquired various illnesses and allergies during my life, and having already spent WAY more time in doctors’ offices and hospitals than I care to, it is time for me to begin a more comprehensive personal wellness journey; one in which I examine my eating habits first and foremost. My goal is not to lose weight, as I have always been fairly trim. I believe, however, that a healthy weight is a direct byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. My aim, therefore, is to improve my overall health and nutrition as a preventative healthcare measure. So I started this blog to share with others what I discover about health, nutrition, and food in this country.

It is no secret that Americans long ago parted ways with wholesome eating habits. Fast food, microwave dinners, and highly-processed food products with little nutritive value (and many harmful additives) have all become part of the norm. From a young age, we suffer a severe disconnect from our food; we have no idea how it is produced, where it comes from, or what impact the ingredients might have on us. We complacently pluck that package of Hamburger Helper, that gallon of milk, and that fillet of fish from the grocery shelves without a second thought.

Meanwhile, the healthcare industry is flourishing as Americans get sicker and sicker. Cancer is on the rise. Diabetes and obesity have reached epidemic proportions. Digestive diseases like Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and IBS are commonplace. Heart disease kills thousands every day. It seems common sense that to prevent these and many other diseases, we should take a long hard look at our nutritional habits. But, in a culture of instant gratification and unchecked self-indulgence, this is often the last set of truths we wish to unearth.

I am not a member of PETA. I am not a vegan (yet). I have a soft spot for diet soda and french fries. I have no hidden agenda, and I will try my best to present the facts objectively. You can make your own decisions. I’m just a woman who is tired of being sick, and believes that my American diet is largely to blame. And I’m also a woman who is willing to honestly examine that.

So keep reading. This American Diet will help you think twice about what you put in your body.

A note about the blog’s title: You may recognize the name and the image from public radio’s “This American Life“. I am a big fan of this program. This American Life, produced by WBEZ Chicago and aired on NPR stations nationwide, is an amazing showcase of masterful storytelling. The show examines stories of ordinary people in a way that is, well, simply beautiful. If you haven’t heard the show, please do. You won’t regret it. As for its connection to this blog… I only hope that I can engage my readers half as thoroughly as This American Life engages its listeners. I hope to be able to take the mundane details of ordinary food and make them somewhat interesting.

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