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lebanese lentils and wild rice

20 Jul
onions, tomatoes, lentils, rice

My lunch today - yum!

Here is another high-protein, high-fiber, 100% vegan dish that is delicious. I made it this week and have been munching on it for lunches/dinners. It is good both cold and hot, and keeps for a week or more in the refrigerator. It’s a great main dish or side dish, and is really flavorful! Enjoy! Continue reading


whole grain black bean summer salad

19 Jul
summer salad with quinoa and bulgur

Whole Grain Black Bean Summer Salad

Living in southern New Mexico, where the summer temps often exceed 100 degrees, I am always looking for recipes meant to be served cold. I ran across a variation of this recipe, and tailored it to suit my own tastes and available ingredients from my garden.

This is a delicious and healthy summer side dish. It is 100% vegan, high in protein, and provides plenty of dietary fiber. Try it. You’ll like it. Continue reading

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